As a worker cooperative, all share interest in the company is wholly owned by it's own workers, none of it is or can be owned by some other entity. So selling off part of the company in exchange for an ownership stake is an immediate non-starter. Naturally this puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to taking on investments from interested individuals. However, I'm sure some of you would still like to support us in some way even if the tabletop scene isn't your thing. So we wanted to open a means of starting a conversation on how best to handle that.

Most investment in the company will probably be in the form of some loan, where money is given to us and a return on that is provided as part of repayment. This can get as creative as we can imagine it to be. One form that we have had some success with is a revenue share as part of repayment, based on an initial applied interest, e.g. say $2k is invested, and we provide a 25% return, with a 10% revenue share, 10% of our sales will go towards repayment until we have paid back the total of $2.5k.

There are other alternatives that can be explored as well for making an investment with us. 

A few things to note:
- The minimum investment amount we are willing to receive is $1500.
- Initial discussion, creation, or agreement of an investment plan with any member does not guarantee investment; all contracts must first be voted upon by the members of the company, and then signed by at least 2 members to be enacted.

If interested please contact us via the form below or reach out directly to

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