TableTop Gaming was founded in 2022 in Syracuse, NY. We are a retail store for tabletop games such as board games, trading card games, and much more! 

TableTop Gaming is proud to be a worker cooperative.

What is a worker cooperative?

Great question, a worker cooperative is a company that is wholly owned by workers within the company who operate in a democratic manner. We make decisions on a consensus, which means every member has their ideas heard and addressed. No person or idea at TableTop Gaming is dismissed without being taken into account regardless of role or position. 

Why do we operate in this manner? 

We believe in worker cooperatives for many reasons. Profits of the company are shared among all the members of the company, instead of being funneled up to the owner (no wage theft here). Everyone gets to decide their own working hours, which makes us friendly to workers with mental health conditions or disabilities, which allows them to focus on having a well rounded work-life balance. We do not believe in molding people to fit into a workplace. Especially one that operates on oligarchical/authoritarian principles as is standard in most companies. Workers should enjoy their roles, and have a democratic say in the direction and decisions of their company. This creates an environment where workers can feel comfortable and thrive in the workplace.

Why does all of this benefit our customers? 

We operate solely for the benefit of our worker owners. That means we don't need to drive profits higher to fit the standard capitalist functions of a retail store. That allows us to reduce the prices we charge for the products we sell, since our main goal isn't profit for profits sake. Most of our worker owners are avid tabletop enthusiasts, and just want cheap games that they love. This allows us to do two things, first set our default pricing to 10% off msrp and take further discounts from there, and second offer a price-match guarantee. If you can find one of our products at a different store for a lower price we will match it (this excludes third-party resale sites like TCGPlayer, Amazon, Walmart, etc. as those are prohibitively and predatorily price gouged).


Thank you for supporting a worker cooperative organization! 

If you are interested in becoming a worker owner with us, please send an email to jobs@ttgaming.net with any relevant information. We will evaluate open positions and options or see if we could create a new role to fit your qualifications.