Hey Tabletop Gamers! If you’re new here—welcome! And if you’re not, welcome back! We have some exciting things in the works so we thought it was important to make you all aware of them.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of us before, hello! We’re TableTop Gaming, a worker cooperative located in Syracuse with the goal of creating community through playing games. For more information about us and what we do, please visit the about us section on our website.

Now onto the exciting stuff: If you haven’t already heard, we’re moving to a NEW LOCATION!!! Stop by 466 South Salina St, Syracuse, NY this July to play games, meet cool people, and have a drink.

Our members are hard at work revamping this place to be as cool as our customers. Right now we’re in the process of designing a menu to go along with the bar, so if there’s food you want to see on there—let us know! Our hope is to create a selection that is local, ethically sourced, and plant-based. Shoot us a text at (315) 870-1417, drop a comment, or navigate to our website and click contact to send us a message. 

We’re also implementing a hangout area with couches and a TV where you can relax, talk, and play games with friends and newcomers alike. This will be a great way to connect with people you already know, and share your favorite games with others. You do not have to spend money to be welcome at our store! We want this space to be more than just your average game store, but a place where we foster a community that is specifically tailored to what you want to see, so stop on by, ask questions, get involved! 

If you want to help our vision come to life, feel free to donate to the drink fund, which will help us obtain a liquor license. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you this July!

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