Meet your new worker coop, TableTop Gaming!

Meet your new worker coop, TableTop Gaming!

Hi, hello and welcome folks! Happy Pride Month!! This blog is to introduce you to our worker’s cooperative, TableTop Gaming. 

Our mission? To ensure tabletop gaming can be fun, accessible, and inclusive to all, and to reject the capitalist profit system that tramples on individuals, families, and communities. 

One way we do this is through our pricing model. We keep your costs down by marking everything at 10% off MSRP (Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price), further pricing that down with any discounts we can apply. Just compare our prices online and see for yourself! We're driven by our community, not about making the most off of you we can.

We have some of the basic stuff, like Uno, Candy Land, and Exploding Kittens, but we also have “geek” games like Magic: The Gathering, Disney’s Villainous, and the One Piece TCG, which is one of our most popular items right now.  

We host events every week for Digimon TCG, One Piece TCG, Pathfinder campaigns, and more! We also have a bunch of open games and tables at the back of the store for people to just sit down and play, if they don’t want to commit to buying anything just yet. 

And also!! We have our annual Free RPG Day tomorrow (6/24/2023) from 11am-9pm!! Check us out at 234 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY, and we’ll be hosting all sorts of games free of charge. Feel free to come on in and bring a friend or two!!

-Scout (they/them) <3

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