June 2023 Recap

Hi folks! Hope you all had a lovely pride month! 

June was by far our most successful month since opening with $10,000 in sales! We opened the physical store this past February after operating as an online store, and we only had $150 in sales for that first month in Syracuse. We’ve come a long way from that, and we want to thank all of you who have supported our business. 

The highlight of June was Free RPG Day! We were excited to see so many people come in and show interest in our co-op! We gave out lots of free goodies, and our lovely GM Shaun hosted a game of Pathfinder and Avatar Legends while I suited up to GM Heckin’ Good Doggos. Due to the success of Free RPG Day, we are considering hosting more RPG events in the near future!

We also began hosting official Digimon tournaments every other Wednesday (the opposite Wednesdays are unofficial tournaments), and our pre-orders of Magic The Gathering Lord Of The Rings: Tales of Middle Earth were very successful! We still have some draft boosters, set boosters, commander decks, and jumpstart boxes available in-store for anyone interested. :)

Now that June is over, here is our biggest announcement for the month of July: Disney Lorcana pre-orders are open now! We opened pre-orders earlier than many other retailers so you can stock up on the new Disney TCG ASAP! Like everything else in our store, we’re offering these at 10% lower than MSRP, keeping us the best choice for all your tabletop purchases!

Thank you all again for all of your support. Looking forward to another great month!

-Scout <3

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